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Thorold New Home Financing

Purchasing a new house, no matter how exciting it may be, has several challenges. There are a lot of decisions that have to be made, from deciding where you want to buy to how many bedrooms you need. Then there’s the financial factors. In Thorold, there can be many details that you need to consider as a first-time home buyer, including discounts in down payments, tax credits, and of course, requirements for mortgage eligibility.

Thorold New Home Financing pexels pixabay 210617 300x201With an experienced Thorold mortgage broker by your side, you can save a lot of money on your new home purchase. You can also have a smoother and more efficient process than filing and managing all your paperwork and applications alone. Ontario Mortgage Guy’s best mortgage loan and home financing specialists are here to provide all the services you will need with the highest quality of professionalism. We work with a large network of financing institutions, and we can help you find the best mortgage loan options for you.

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Benefits of Purchasing a House in Thorold

Thorold New Home Financing pexels pixabay 221540 300x225The government of Canada has several programs to help first-time buyers of real estate in Thorold. If you need more clarification or assistance in the following areas, it is highly recommended to talk to your mortgage broker. Our local experts at Ontario Mortgage Guy can help you understand, apply for, and manage all these programs for your benefit when you partner with us in handling all your mortgage and financial needs concerning your Thorold new home purchase.

1. 5% down payment

If you’ve heard of a standard 20% down payment for homebuyers in Thorold, then here’s the good news. New home buyers get to enjoy a minimum of 5% required down payment. Of course, this comes with a few eligibility requirements, such as proof of down payment or that the house must not exceed $1 million in value. The government also allows first-time buyers to obtain their down payment from non-standard sources, such as your retirement savings plan, immediate family members, or loans.

2. 15% income tax credit on closing costs

In getting a mortgage, there is a standard fee called closing costs given for the services rendered by your mortgage broker, real estate attorney, and other agents involved in finalizing the entire transaction. Eligible individuals get a 15% income tax credit for these fees up to $5,000 maximum.

3. Rebates amounting to thousands of dollars

New home buyers in Ontario are eligible to apply for rebates for land transfer tax and harmonized sales tax. Ontario qualifies certain buyers for up to $2,000 worth of rebate. Buyers of houses valued at less than $350,000 can also apply for a rebate of up to $6,300. Of course, eligibility for these rebates depends on certain requirements that buyers must meet.

Getting the services of an experienced mortgage company can significantly help you get the best total payment you will have to pay for your Thorold, ON new home purchase. For every information, assistance, or service you will need, Ontario Mortgage Guy has got you covered.

Top-Notch Mortgage Brokerage Services

Not everyone is eligible for every mortgage loan option out there. Many factors are considered when we talk about getting approved for mortgage plans and all the possible benefits that you can get in the Thorold real estate system. Of course, everyone wants to have the best deals, those with low-interest rates, high amounts of rebates, or favorable terms and conditions.

Thorold New Home Financing pexels andrea piacquadio 3760067 300x200With a good mortgage company by your side, you won’t just get a wider range of financing options for your mortgage than bank agents. With Ontario Mortgage Guy, we can also create assessments on your current financial conditions and get you pre-approved for the best mortgage options you can get in Thorold. By evaluating your credit history, income, and other relevant financial information, we can get a good picture of your eligibility for the top mortgage loan deals with ideal financing institutions. We can make your case more attractive to creditors and sellers, giving you the best possible options out there.

All you need to do is prepare your down payment, choose your house, and decide among the advantageous mortgage lending options that we will offer. For all your Thorold new home purchase endeavors, Ontario Mortgage Guy provides the best support you can get.

Let’s talk – Fast New Home Mortgage Approval

Are you interested in our services? We begin our projects by getting a clear and thorough understanding of your financial situation and goals. We want your Thorold new home purchase to be a great experience for you. We are here to provide all the resources, experts, and services that you need.

Thorold New Home Financing omglogo 300x131At Ontario Mortgage Guy, our experts are capable, experienced, and knowledgeable in the fields of mortgage management and financial solutions.

We are also incredibly dedicated to our work and compassionate to your needs. We are your best bet for getting the best mortgage deal for your new home in Thorold. Call us today so we can begin working with you as soon as possible.

Call Ontario Mortgage Guy at (647) 371-5658 for your Free Consultation with a New Home Purchase Specialist!

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