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Fort Erie Mortgage Broker

Whether you are new to Fort Erie, ON, looking for your first home, or looking to get equity out of your home, our brokers at Intrend Mortgage Inc will handle all of your mortgage needs. With a comprehensive set of services, we guarantee a hassle-free mortgage application process with fast approval—all at no additional costs to you!

Online Mortgage LoanIntrend Mortgage Inc will find you the best mortgage solutions for your unique circumstances. Handling everything from first home mortgage loans and mortgage mortgage refinancing to reverse mortgages and debt consolidation, we aim to provide you with the most effective solution with the best mortgage rates in just 24 hours.

If you want the most cost-efficient mortgage option and the most time-efficient mortgage application process, our Fort Erie mortgage brokers are the top local experts to turn to. Even better, every mortgage you complete with us will give a substantial donation to help kids with grave illnesses and their families.

Are you ready to create your mortgage plans today? Have any mortgage questions? Talk to our expert mortgage brokers now!

Call Intrend Mortgage Inc at (416) 945-0380 for your Free Consultation with a Mortgage Broker!

Personalized Mortgage Solutions

With all our years of service, we know that every homebuyer differs from the others. From their income to their lifestyle, buyers’ unique circumstances warrant equally unique mortgage solutions that work best work for them. This is why as trusted Fort Erie mortgage brokers, Intrend Mortgage Inc works with various lenders and can present you with all types of mortgages that will suit your needs.

Reverse Mortgage LoanWhether you are a first-time homebuyer, self-employed, a homeowner with equity yet low income, someone with past credit fallouts, or are simply new to Fort Erie, our team of expert mortgage brokers can access the right type of mortgage for you and negotiate the best deal on your behalf.

With Intrend Mortgage Inc, you won’t have to settle with the limited set of mortgage options that most banks offer. Now, you can choose from all mortgage types and some that even have lower interest rates than those offered by the bank. All we need is 24-48 hours to find the best mortgage solution for you and come up with a mortgage plan that is specifically tailored to your personal needs.

Different types of mortgages are available for you, depending on the size of your down payment, your income level, and whether or not you’re a first-time homebuyer.

Conventional Mortgage

This type of mortgage is applicable if you make a down payment of at least 20% of a property’s purchase price. The loan amount is up to 80% of the value of the property you want to buy.

High-ratio Mortgage

This type of mortgage will finance more than 80% of the property’s purchase price, a maximum of 95%. A high-ratio mortgage is what you need if you make a down payment of less than 20% of your desired property’s purchase price.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage

If you want to pay a mortgage with a fixed monthly amount and schedule, a fixed-rate mortgage will be best for you. It gives you an interest rate for a specific number of years, from which the amount of your regular monthly payment will be calculated.

Variable Rate Mortgage

If you don’t mind the risk brought by the fluctuating housing market, a variable rate mortgage may be right for you. Although you have a set monthly payment, the amount of principal you will be paying monthly will go up or down based on the market status.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

With this type of mortgage, the risk of exposing yourself to the changing market conditions also plays a role. Your monthly payments may increase or decrease. This is based on the fluctuations in the market, affecting your loan’s interest rate.

Open Rate Mortgage

If you are expecting to receive a huge amount of money after you acquire a mortgage, applying for an open rate mortgage might be best. This type of mortgage usually comes with a higher interest rate, but you can pay with a lump-sum anytime without the need to worry about any penalty.

Closed Rate Mortgage

Compared to an open rate mortgage, this mortgage type comes with a lower interest rate. You will have to pay a fixed amount on a regular monthly schedule for the whole duration of your loan.

Intrend Mortgage Inc can help choose the best mortgage type based on your needs, resources, and lifestyle. We will also create the best mortgage plan for you by considering all important factors like the loan terms, amortization, and payment schedule. Whether you want a 10-year-long mortgage term, 25-year amortization, or extra monthly payments every year, we will make sure that your mortgage plan will work best for you!

Speedy Mortgage Approval

At Intrend Mortgage Inc, our mortgage brokers value your time as much as you do. This is why aside from our professional guidance and advice, we offer JARVIFS—an online mortgage application system.

Fast Mortgage ApprovalJARVIFS is powered by an intelligent logic structure, utilizing predictive analytics to ensure quick and easy mortgage approval. With this system, you can have the best mortgage rates in a faster and more convenient way. With only a smartphone or tablet, you can already apply for any type of mortgage anytime, anywhere!

JARVIFS will allow you to do the following:

1. Complete a mortgage application process online anytime and in any place you want.
2. Upload all the required mortgage documents using only your phone.
3. Stop all unnecessary and inconvenient live meetings with your mortgage broker.
4. Check the exact status of your mortgage application with live progress updates and notifications.
5. Communicate with agents and support teams with the real-time chat feature.

You can download the app today and witness for yourself how easy mortgage applications and approval can be!

Best Mortgage Solutions

If you work with our professional team of Fort Erie mortgage brokers, you won’t have to wait for long before you find the best mortgage solution for your needs. Intrend Mortgage Inc offers you more mortgage options than any traditional bank, working with multiple lenders who can provide you with lower interest rates and better mortgage terms.

Within just 24 to 48 hours, our mortgage brokers will already be able to come up with the best mortgage plan for you. We will negotiate with multiple lenders so we can identify who offers the best rate among different banks, trust companies, credit unions, and other available lenders. You won’t have to call around and deal with the hassle of meetings with several different lenders yourself. With just one mortgage broker from Intrend Mortgage Inc, you get to check all the mortgage options available for you while all the necessary calls and negotiations will be handled on your behalf.

The following are some of the mortgage solutions we can readily provide you:

1. 2nd and 3rd Mortgage
2. Commercial Land Financing
3. Construction Financing Loan
4. Home Mortgage Loan
5. Investment Property Loan
6. Line of Credit
7. Refinance Mortgage
8. Mortgage Renewal
9. Reverse Mortgage
10. Mortgage With a Cause

What sets Intrend Mortgage Inc apart from any other mortgage brokers out there is the fact that we are not just doing business for the sake of money. If you let us help you acquire a mortgage, a substantial donation will be given to Starlight Children’s Foundation Canada. This means that with every mortgage we successfully set up for a client, help is given to children with grave illnesses and their families.

Intrend Mortgage Inc is not just offering you low mortgage rates; we are inviting you to brighten the lives of others with no additional cost to you! With every transaction that you make with us, you can help finance various programs and events that will bring joy, relief, and escape from stress for sick children and their families.

Call Intrend Mortgage Inc at (416) 945-0380 for your Free Consultation with a Mortgage Broker!

Cost-Efficient Mortgage Services

In addition to helping others, Intrend Mortgage Inc takes pride in our financially-friendly mortgage services. Instead of sticking with the bank’s limited products, working with our experienced mortgage brokers will save you a huge amount of money with low-interest rates and expert planning.

Debt ConsolidationWith Intrend Mortgage Inc, you will have access to options that banks and other traditional lenders won’t give you. We can even help you avoid paying high-penalties for the changes you may make as your mortgage matures. We will use all our available resources and aggressively negotiate on your behalf to give you the best rate possible.

Even better, finding you the best deals doesn’t require a penny from you. Our service fee will not be shouldered by you but by the lenders that we work with!

Best Fort Erie Mortgage Brokers

With a purchase as large as a home, saving even just a single percentage point on a mortgage can mean so much for a person’s financial needs, so it is vital that you get the help of a professional mortgage broker to find the very best mortgage option for you.

At Intrend Mortgage Inc, we will compare rates from all available lenders at the same time in order to find the best for you. As we work with multiple credible lenders, we can access all types of mortgage options—even those with low-interest rates, which traditional banks and credit unions don’t advertise.

Our mortgage brokers are trained to look after your best interests. Any step needed in your mortgage application, we will be there to help. We will give you a comprehensive guide on every mortgage option available to you, ensuring that your mortgage plan will be the best for your situation. We aim to make sure that your mortgage serves your needs rather than just serving the bank or lender’s bottom line.

Whether it’s your first time buying a house or you’re just looking for another investment property, Intrend Mortgage Inc is here to help you dodge any drawbacks, such as high penalties from changes in your mortgage before it matures. Also, we work at your convenience. All meetings will be set in a place and time where it’s not too much of a hassle for you, and we’ll even answer all queries any time of the day.

Ready to plan your mortgage? Talk to our expert mortgage brokers now!

Fast Mortgage Approval

Fort Erie Mortgage Broker omglogo 300x131Intrend Mortgage Inc is recognized as one of the best alternatives to big banks when it comes to providing clients with the most efficient mortgage options. All our Fort Erie mortgage brokers are skilled at negotiating with multiple lenders and securing the best mortgage deal for you, ensuring that every aspect of the mortgage works best for your unique circumstances.

If you don’t want to get saddled with high-interest mortgage loans that, more often than not, benefit the banks more than you, work with our brokers and discover all the mortgage options with low-interest rates and better terms available to you!

Call Intrend Mortgage Inc at (416) 945-0380 for your Free Consultation with a Mortgage Broker!


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