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St. Marys Commercial Lending

Are you looking for a mortgage to support your business? Our team at Intrend Mortgage Inc can help you with your commercial lending needs. We make commercial mortgage applications stress-free, get them approved fast, and offer them at reasonable costs for you.

St. Marys Commercial Lending Canva null 1 300x166Intrend Mortgage Inc is one of the best St. Marys commercial lending firms you can contact if you are looking for a specific mortgage plan for your commercial needs. We can be your reliable guide through the entire mortgage process, from finding the best mortgage plans to getting your debts sorted out through debt consolidation; it is our goal to make things easier for you to acquire the best mortgage within a day or two.

When you avail yourself of our services, we don’t just help you get the best mortgage for your business. You will also help us get funds to donate to help people in need. Want to learn more about our mortgage broker services? Don’t hesitate to call us today, we will answer all your mortgage inquiries and get you that perfect commercial mortgage for your business.

Call Intrend Mortgage Inc at (416) 945-0380 for your Free Consultation with an St. Marys Commercial Lending expert!

Construction Loans

Whether you are hoping to purchase a new property to start a new business or hoping to expand your current land, getting a loan to finance it will be difficult. But, if you are considering building a new facility, you may be able to request a construction loan.

St. Marys Commercial Lending pexels ivan samkov 4491918 300x200Construction loans are tricky to apply for because banks and lenders do not want to risk their money on something that has yet to be built, even if the property will have a large value once it is completed. With Intrend Mortgage Inc, our talented brokers will see which construction loans are available for you and negotiate directly with the lenders to get your applications approved.

We will also assist you in taking the right steps to qualify for the loan, like signing up with a qualified builder, presenting the floor plan of the facility and computing the down payment cost, and paying for it.

Commercial Land Financing

If you are checking the market for a new lot for your office, expanding your current offices, or investing in land for future use, you may be qualified to apply for commercial land financing.

St. Marys Commercial Lending pexels engin akyurt 1463917 300x200Intrend Mortgage Inc can help you check with lenders and see which commercial land financing is available for your situation. The real estate you are considering will determine which commercial land financing plan is available for you.

These plans are also different when it comes to payment terms, fees, and interest rates. Our mortgage brokers have the skills and experience to help you understand which financing option is available for your real estate choice.

Personalized Mortgage Solutions

Since we started in the industry, we have handled a wide variety of properties that required different kinds of mortgage plans. We have also assisted all types of buyers with different financial requirements. As a trusted mortgage broker in St. Marys, Intrend Mortgage Inc works directly with various lenders to present the mortgages that work for your needs.

St. Marys Commercial Lending pexels gabby k 5849569 300x176We can assist any type of client looking for a perfect mortgage plan for personal or business needs. Whether you are just starting up with your business, expanding your facilities, or just moved recently to St. Marys, our team of mortgage brokers is ready to help you find the best mortgage for your needs and negotiate for the ideal mortgage plan that matches your financial situation.

Intrend Mortgage Inc opens more doors for clients looking for mortgage options that are more flexible compared to those offered by major banks and lenders. With a wider array of mortgage plans at your disposal, we can help you choose the best mortgage plan for your needs and get it approved immediately.

Down below are some of the mortgage plans that we can assist you with:

Conventional Mortgage

This mortgage is available if you can provide a 20% downpayment of the property’s purchase price. When approved, the loan amount will be 80% of the value of the property you wish to get.

High-Ratio Mortgage

This mortgage can pay more than 80% of the property’s total price or up to 95%. This is the mortgage you should choose if you can only pay a small down payment for the property you wish to purchase.

Fixed-Rate Mortgage

If you want your mortgage payments to have a fixed amount and set schedule, this is the mortgage to select. This also has a set interest rate to match the term of your mortgage and your monthly payments.

Variable Rate Mortgage

If you do not mind a rocky real estate market, you can opt for a variable-rate mortgage. While it comes with a set monthly payment, the principal may go up or down depending on the market.

Adjustable-Rate Mortgage

This type of mortgage puts you at a high risk to the real estate market changes. Your monthly payments may change monthly and change your interest rate each time the market changes.

Open Rate Mortgage

For businesses hoping to get a huge amount of money when they get the mortgage approved, an open rate mortgage is recommended. However, it comes with a higher interest rate. To alleviate the interest rate, you can always pay the mortgage with a lump sum payment at any time and not get penalized in the process.

Closed Rate Mortgage

Compared to an open rate mortgage, closed rate mortgages come with lower interest rates, and you will not have to worry about changing monthly payments because it is already fixed throughout your mortgage term.

Intrend Mortgage Inc can assist you in checking what is available for St. Marys commercial lending programs to match your needs and financial situation. We can also negotiate with lenders to create a personalized mortgage plan to suit your needs and ensure it will not be difficult to maintain. Let our team know what type of mortgage plan you are looking for, and we’ll help you apply for it.

Speedy Mortgage Approval

Intrend Mortgage Inc understands how important time is, especially for your business. This is why aside from our experienced and compassionate mortgage brokers, we also utilize JARVIFS – an online mortgage application system – to make it easier for you to see what mortgage options are available for your needs and get them immediately.

JARVIS uses an intelligent logic structure that utilizes predictive analytics to determine the best mortgage rates suited for your application and get it approved immediately. You can check the system through your smartphone, tablet, or computer any time and apply for a mortgage wherever you are.

JARVIS also helps you with the following:

1. Complete your mortgage application online wherever and whenever
2. Upload the documents required for mortgage applications through your smartphone or tablet.
3. Reduce the need to meet with various mortgage brokers in person.
4. Know the status of your mortgage application with live progress notifications
5. Speak with agents and support teams directly through chat

You can check the app today and see how fast your mortgage applications will be approved with the system.

Best Mortgage Solutions

If you are looking for the right commercial mortgage, working with our experienced St. Marys mortgage brokers can open more opportunities for you to consider when it comes to the mortgage plans you can use for your commercial ventures.

St. Marys Commercial Lending pexels ketut subiyanto 4308045 300x185Intrend Mortgage Inc can show you what mortgage options are available for you from other lenders which you may not have considered. We will be the ones to represent you during the talks with these lenders and negotiate with them to get the mortgage plans that work for you. Simply call us today, and we’ll immediately contact the lenders to find the best options for you.

Down below is a list of mortgage solutions we offer readily to our clients:

1. Commercial Land Financing
2. Home Mortgage loan
3. Line of Credit
4. Mortgage Renewal
5. Mortgage with a Cause
6. 2nd and 3rd Mortgage
7. Construction Financing loan
8. Investment Property Loan
9. Reverse Mortgage
10. Refinance mortgage

Compared to other mortgage brokers, Intrend Mortgage Inc is in the business not because we want to make money. Every time we assist a client in acquiring a mortgage, we give a substantial donation to charities and foundations. With this said, we not only help clients but also help those who are in need. We also open the doors for you to make a difference and help those who need financial and emotional support during this challenging time.

Cost-Efficient Mortgage Services

At Intrend Mortgage Inc, our goal is to help clients acquire expert mortgage advice, assistance, and plans that match their financial situation. You don’t have to limit yourself to what the banks are offering; if you work with our talented mortgage brokers, you will be able to find and avail yourself of mortgage plans that will save you a lot of money and have low-interest rates.

Intrend Mortgage Inc will give you access to other mortgage options that banks and other lenders won’t offer, especially if you have a unique financial situation. We can even help you manage your mortgages to prevent high penalties once the mortgage matures. We will negotiate on your behalf to get you the rates that work with your financial situation.

We can even search for great deals at no extra charge. Our service fee will be paid by the lenders with whom we work for these mortgage deals.

Best St. Marys Mortgage Brokers

Commercial property is very expensive, especially if you wish to be in a certain district and you have specific requirements. This is the reason why it is crucial that your mortgage matches the property and your financial situation.

St. Marys Commercial Lending mortgage broker segment 300x176With Intrend Mortgage Inc, we will check all the available mortgage plans offered by lenders and see which one of these plans works perfectly for you. Since we will be reaching out to multiple lenders, we can check other mortgages, including those with low-interest rates, which banks and credit unions don’t promote publicly.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals and protect your interests. Once we find the perfect mortgage plan for your needs, we will guide you through the application process and explain to you the options which you can choose from for your commercial project. It is our goal that the mortgage plan you use meets your needs rather than have you at a disadvantage with the bank or lender’s terms.

Whether this is your first commercial property or you want to invest in another property to expand your business, Intrend Mortgage Inc is here to help you get a mortgage plan that won’t give you any drawbacks and work well with your financial situation. We will also schedule our meetings with you in your chosen schedule, and you can reach out to us at any time if you have any questions about your mortgages.

Call our mortgage brokers today to find out more about the mortgages you can use for your commercial needs.

Fast Mortgage Approval

St. Marys Commercial Lending omglogo smaller 300x104Intrend Mortgage Inc is one of the best St. Marys commercial lending firms you may reach out to if you want to avail yourself of efficient mortgages for your commercial projects. Our mortgage brokers can negotiate directly with various lenders and create the best mortgage plan that works for your financial situation.

Don’t stress yourself with high-interest mortgage loans when you can get one that works best for you. Contact our commercial lending firm today and see what other mortgage options are available for your commercial project.

Call Intrend Mortgage Inc at (416) 945-0380 for your Free Consultation with an St. Marys Commercial Lending expert!


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